Clinical Research Studies

The medicines that you can buy over-the-counter or those prescribed by your physicians have undergone thorough clinical testing or clinical research studies. The purpose of such clinical trial is to ensure that they are sufficiently treated and developed without risking people’s health. When new medicines are being developed, the pre-clinical trials use animals as the subjects. In this way, it provides ample information to help the clinical researcher understand the medicine’s function and its reaction on human beings. When the process of testing the medication to animals is done and the results are promising, the same test is conducted to humans and this is termed as clinical studies.

How safe are these clinical research studies? All clinical trials are overseen by governing bodies, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each performs a distinct function. The FDA checks on the competence of the research studies and the safety of the medicine or treatment. The IRB, on the other hand, protects the rights of the research subjects. In addition, all clinical research studies are also probed by Principal Investigator. He or she is the doctor with specialized training in the field and tasked to make all necessary research studies strictly adhering to medical ethics and safety issues. To be a Principal Investigator, you have to be an expert and well-trained in their specific areas of practices.

How can you be a clinical researcher? Specific criteria are to be met by participating candidates or volunteers which are required as protocols of the research study. If you qualify, you will agree to take part in many studies and visits required of the clinical research. In various venues, you will be treated and cared by your Principal Investigators. This includes routine check-ups, tests, vital signs, physical examinations, questionnaires, surveys and other. Participating in clinical trials is voluntary; you are free to decide whether you will want to be part of the study. You can also withdraw any moment that you like.

If you are afraid that you’d be at risk if you participate in clinical researches, the answer is you are guaranteed to be properly taken of in every aspect. There are also some personal benefits when you take part in these clinical researches and trials. It is a voluntary decision on your part.

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