Clinical Research Organization

Clinical Research Organizations are also known as contract research organizations or CRO. These organizations provide support and services to sponsoring pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical industries by outsourcing clinical research services on a contract basis. They provide clinical trial services for any clinical study or clinical trials for drugs and medical devices. They also support foundations, research universities and institutions as well as government organizations like the NIH and EMEA.

How do you choose a Clinical Research Organization?

Over the years, as demand for innovations in medical science increases, more companies are coming up to help investigators and sponsors with their clinical project. But which one will you choose? The choice of a CRO does not only depend on what kind of service or support a sponsor or institution is looking for. More than the technical capacities they advertise, a CRO is a partner to the success of a clinical research trial.

What to Look for?

Here are some points to consider when deciding on the best clinical research company:

  • Age of the company. How long has the company been in the industry? Is it a young company or an experienced one? However, being a startup company doesn’t mean it’s not efficient or reliable; usually some of these companies offer the best. All companies being equal, you just have to look for a distinct aspect for your clinical research project.
  • Resources. Examine the resources used in performing the tasks. A high turnover rate may not be a good sign. Check if such company has trained, qualified and highly competent employees. You can validate these factors from clients and referrals.
  • Employee Turnover Rate. If the company has employees working for them for many years, it’s a determining factor. It means that the company has a reputation of keeping their employees because the latter are satisfied with the company. This also means that the company can guarantee that its employees are efficient and highly trained.
  • Subcontract of Work. If the clinical research company subcontracts work, mainly the clinical and monitoring aspects, then always verify and ensure that the company has a reputable training program.
  • Qualified Investigators. How good and qualified are the clinical research investigators? The foundation of a CRO is having qualified team of investigators. These investigators must be carefully screened and selected to perform the tasks with utmost efficiency. This is a no compromise aspect when choosing a clinical research organization.


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