Clinical Research Course Online

There are a lot of aspiring Clinical Research Associates (CRA), just waiting to experience that great feeling of receiving a hefty amount of money to do something dynamic, with tasks that vary from day to day.

The growth potential is strong and this was even recognized as one of the greatest careers in America by CNN. On October 29, 2012, CNN published the top paying jobs as $129, 000 with a 10-year job growth of 36.4% and over 100,000 total jobs for CRA alone based on, Bureau of Labor Statistics and CNN Money research. If you can imagine the compensation that you’ll be getting once you have joined the emerging population of CRA’s, then you’d better start applying for a Clinical Research Course. With the technology and top resources there are, regardless if no university within your area offers this course, there is actually Clinical Research Course Online!

To get this job and depending on the online university’s qualification or recommendations, you need a bachelor’s degree in psychology, science or sociology because there is an exposure to clinical trials and health sciences. Because the idea of getting degrees online is already popular, clinical research can be best achieved by certain programs, training or courses that would help prepare you to work in one of today’s fastest-growing careers.

There are countless of universities online that are offering clinical research courses although there are recommendations that need to be considered before your application gets accepted. Normally, applicants for clinical research associate training program need to have either of these:

  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a Ph.D. in a Science or Allied Health Field; OR
  • Healthcare Professional (e.g. RN, PA, MD, PT, RPh, PharmD)or Medical Technologist

Depending on the university of your choice, the fundamentals of clinical research consists of online education and hands-on-training so this course wouldn’t really revolve around online agendas. To get the feel of being a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), there will be hands-on-training which involves both online and field activities.

The following are just four of the renowned Universities offering Clinical Research Course:

  1. Drexel Online University which offers the certificate of study in clinical research is awarded to students who have successfully accomplished 5 graduate-level courses from the Master’s in Clinical Research Organization and curriculum.
  2. Boston University Online is also designed particularly for clinical research and health professionals.
  3. University of Minnesota provides a unique environment for clinical research.
  4. University of Illinois offers a CRM (Clinical Research Methods) program, which is designed to satisfy the growing hunger for clinicians who are competent enough to handle clinically-oriented research.

Although Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs have been developed with the help of industry leaders, success really depends on the students’ determination and mindset towards fulfilling their dreams not only the conventional way, but through modern-technology.

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