Clinical Research Associate Training

A clinical research associate training is conducted by a company to provide systematic clinical research training to research associates. The training may be an in-house training or on-the-job training while some companies allow their employees for a day release to pursue related courses. There are also external courses for clinical research associate training offered by universities like the Institute of Clinical Research which conduct events covering the areas of clinical research regulations, clinical trial management, clinical research practice, clinical trial administration, clinical research in devices, risk management as well as core skills. An aspirant can also work in different therapeutic environments to gain knowledge in the same field.

Persons who have undergone clinical research associate training are essential because the company that requires their services are able to meet the commitments of the company to their clients. A training program for clinical research associate usually includes a comprehensive clinical foundations training together with strong therapeutic and project specific training. The trainee is also subjected to hands-on training through field visits with experienced managers and clinical research associate while being provided with strong support network from the clinical management. The trainee will also have regular performance reviews and be part of career progress discussions to meet career goals.

In the latest clinical research associate training, the student is made to participate in a series of online simulation exercises as a part of the training program. This aims to expose him or her to actual monitoring situations such as investigator selection, good clinical practice, adverse event assessment and drug accountability to name a few. The student can eventually analyze and evaluate clinical data to ensure investigator and site compliance with the study drug protocol, Food and Drug Administration regulations, general clinical objectives, good clinical practice as well as guidelines for conducting clinical trials after completing the training program.

The person with clinical research associate training can make certain of the protection of the rights, safety and well being of the human subjects involve in da clinical study, identify clinical study sites, monitor the development of clinical study sites and make sure that the scientific relevance of the collected data collected is properly protected and verified. He or she can also fully understand the drug development process, identify ethical issues in the clinical research and also develop qualifications desired by the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industry.

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