Clinical Research

What is clinical research? Studying the health and diseases in people is the purpose of a clinical research. This branch of science is responsible for conducting trials and finding out the safety and effectiveness of the medications and devices used for treating human disorders. This is done through what is known as market survey. In short, it is conducted to establish drugs and devices that Read More →


Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

Patient recruitment in clinical trials is usually done by a patient recruitment service provider to boost entry of more patients into clinical trials. The industry of patient recruitment is considered a billion dollar industry which is a translation of its success due to high demand. The demand for patients for clinical tests has been steadily growing. Pharmaceutical companies as well as medical device manufacturers are Read More →

Immunology Clinical Research

Immunology clinical research is one of the most important clinical trials and research of all times. It encompasses a wide range of research activities while dealing with many diseases especially those affecting the defense mechanisms of the body such as colds, AIDS and bacterial infections, to name a few. Human volunteers in clinical research Human volunteers have taken an important role in immunology clinical research Read More →

Asthma Clinical Trials

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute  (NHLBI) continue to perform asthma clinical trials to determine the cause of this chronic lung disease as well as to prevent and treat it. The present NHLBI research activities on asthma include studies on how substances contained in exhaled breath can be used to predict the symptoms of asthma. Genes that may be involved in the progression of Read More →

Pharmaceutical Trials

Pharmaceutical Trials

Before any drug or treatment is taken to the pharmacies for marketing and selling, they undergo pharmaceutical clinical trials. Pharma trials are conducted to find out if a drug or a treatment by any pharmaceutical company is effective. However, effectiveness of a treatment or a drug should not sacrifice the safety of individuals subjected to clinical trials. For example, a new drug or treatment for high Read More →

What to Expect During a Clinical Trial

While numerous treatments are currently available for most types of medical conditions, a number of new approaches and drugs are currently under development. Each new treatment must pass a rigorous clinical trial before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves it. Each study is a little different, depending on the type of treatment. Some studies determine the effectiveness of oral medications, for example, while others may assess Read More →

Participating in a Clinical Trial FAQs

Are you thinking about joining an upcoming clinical trial but you have questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that would-be participants are likely to ask. What benefits do I get from participating in a clinical trial? Excellent medical care, closely monitored and beyond the level of regular care The opportunity to receive early treatment that may help treat your condition The Read More →

Clinical Trial

Before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants approval to a medicine or drug, tests have to be performed to prove both the safety and effectiveness of the new treatment. Clinical trials on actual people can only begin after extensive animal and laboratory tests. Clinical Trial Phases Clinical trials progress through four separate phases: Phase I trials examine the new treatment’s safety. Side effects are Read More →

Phase 3 Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are extensive tests performed in the world of medicine for the purpose of ensuring safety and efficacy before a certain drug, device, therapy protocols or diagnostics is brought up, used, and officially cascaded. Clinical trials are “sets of tests in medical research and drug development that generate safety and efficacy data for health interventions”. An extensive process is being conducted to meet the Read More →

Oncology Clinical Research

Oncology is “a branch of medicine that deals with cancer. A medical professional who practices this is an oncologist”. Oncology is concerned with the diagnosis of any type of cancer, therapies like surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, improvements or updates in cases of successfully treatment and palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies. It is imperative that more clinical researches be conducted in Oncology. It is Read More →

The Need for Pediatric Clinical Research

What is pediatrics? Wikipedia defines pediatrics as the “branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children and adolescents, and the age limit usually ranges from birth up to 18 (in some places until completion of secondary education).” Abraham Jacobi (1830-1919) is known as the Father of Pediatrics and the aim of the study of pediatrics today is to lessen the rate Read More →

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